#FlashmobELT – So you said

It’s review week at school because my students have tests next week. I was looking at Anna Loseva’s #FlashmobELT boards for something to do to review four units with my students and saw the ‘So you said…’ activity by @annazernova (whom I cannot find on Twitter).
On the Lino board post, it says to ask the students to talk about the weekend but I changed it so they reviewing personal information, abilities and schedules.
I liked the activity as it got the students reporting speech as well as the language items above. It’s pretty snappy and it doesn’t just have to be for a warm-up activity.
I’ll definitely use it again because it’s useful having students reporting speech along with the items on the syllabus.

4 Replies to “#FlashmobELT – So you said”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Marc. I am waiting for a suitable time to do this activity, too.
    I actually can`t find Anna on Twitter either.. I guess she`s only available through her blog.
    I`ve added a link to this blog post on #flashmobELT page on my blog! =)
    Great to be connected.

    1. Anna, thank you for sharing. It’s a good activity. It’ll help students report speech more accurately and with purpose.

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