Special Projects


The ELT Manual: How to Teach English like a Pop Star. An ongoing series of posts on my Patreon page.

Investigating visual salience in listening instruction.

Investigating teacher’s beliefs in listening and pronunciation instruction.

Investigating teacher’s beliefs and stated practices in task-based listening instruction.



Role-Playing Games

Exploring use of Role-Playing Game-mechanics in student reflective Task-Based Language Teaching, documented starting here and was presented here.


#TBLTChat is the most successful project of mine so far. There was a real community about it. Teachers sharing information about task-based language teaching on Twitter. Unfortunately I got really busy, as did other key contributors, but it helped all of us, I believe.


SEN in ELT Google Plus community

Inspired by the talk at Rob Lowe‘s presentation at Saitama Nakasendo, where the few of us present realised there is very little information available for teachers of EFL, ESL, ESOL to get information about best practice when teaching students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), I started a community on Google Plus as a way to begin pooling information. No longer exists.

ELT freefor(u)m Tokyo

ELT freefor(u)m was intended as a way to get teachers to share ideas, working conditions and professional development and see what comes of it. Basically it was because of the sheer lack of professional development opportunities for a lot of teachers in-house. Whatever is not in house is not often free. No budget, no cost, ad hoc and hopefully great. The first one had nobody turn up on 25th March 2017. I am considering whether this was bad luck or just plain silly.

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