TBLT ELT Task Ideas

Here’s an idea I had for those of us who teach using Task-Based Language Teaching methodology (weak or strong). I thought it would be useful to share some ideas and share what happened with the tasks. I ripped this off from Anna Loseva’s #FlashmobELT idea. Have a look at the LinoIt board here. The only thing is, that’s activities that require little/no resources or no specific resources; these can be reliant on resources, but obviously the more freely available the better.

How to use it.

  1. Go to the board.
  2. Grab a task or post a task. Anyone can post, even anonymously but why be shy?
  3. After doing the task, write a blogpost about it or leave a comment here or something, linking back to the LinoIt board. Tweeting wouldn’t hurt either.
  4. Revel in the shared practice and that you might have made someone’s day.

I hope this helps to share some useful, effective task ideas. Another good source would be Willis, D & Willis, J (2006) Doing Task-Based Teaching. Oxford: OUP.

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