Some Twitter Hashtags for CPD

So, how-to-use-Twitter-for-CPD articles have been a bit done to death (with some good ones being Lizzie Pinard’s and Sandy Millin’s).

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Anyway, it’s really good to use Twitter for CPD blah blah blah, personal learning network blah blah blah, but you can focus it more by following some hashtags.

In the ELT Bubble Sphere

#ELTchat is a fine wine that only gets better.
#ELTChinwag is the rave your friend’s brother went to while you were asleep.
#KELTchat is a chige, hot, spicy and full of nutrition.
#LINCchat is the poutine you never knew you wanted.
#AusELT is the beach barbecue that your cool friend took you to.
#TBLTchat is that chocolate chip rum and raisin cronut and espresso with mojito aperitif (though I’m biased!)
#tleap is the geodesic dome in the refectory built from breadsticks and cheese. 
These are all scheduled chats based on a topic. They occur from time to time.
#tleap is the Michelin starred restaurant with an open dress code and realistic pricing.
This is for English for Academic Purposes teachers, which may not be exclusively for second/foreign language speakers but also native speakers, too.
#ELTwhiteboard is the ice cream you just cannot resist.
This happens often. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Over the fence next door

#edchat is mainstream education stuff. Often tech heavy.
#SEN Special Educational Needs. This is mainly about students with such needs in ‘mainstream’ education. We do not talk about this enough in ELT and we get freaked out when students with diverse needs are put in our classes (especially with little notice, and this happens in language schools as well as academia).
#MFLTwitterati is a hashtag where you can get ideas from people who teach French, German and Spanish (and possibly Chinese).
#langchat is something similar
Hopefully, this will be helpful in pointing out stuff that you didn’t know was there.

9 Replies to “Some Twitter Hashtags for CPD”

  1. #ELTchat is dead pleased to be topping the list – we have been around for a long time and so many new and exciting chats have been created in the meantime!
    I loved the ‘fine wine’ metaphor and all the other hashtag one liners – great job Marc thanks!!!

    1. You are, of course, free to join the hashtags but it is considered bad form to just randomly post blog posts to these hashtags, especially during chats.

      1. Got that! I’ve had a beauty blog (don’t roll your eyes 🙂 ) for a few years now so I know my way around hashtags. The problem is I’ve just recently started to blog about teaching after reaching a teaching milestone (creating materials being my number one thing) and it’s ridiculously difficult to get my posts in the right environment. I think my fellow beauty bloggers are a bit sick of me sharing phonology teaching tips. 😛
        Thanks again.

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