Podcasts for Professional Development


Have a good summer? I hope so.

I just wanted to get back into the swing of blogging again by writing a list of podcasts for English Language Teachers. Be warned, this skews toward higher education and adult learners a lot.

General Language Teaching

TEFLology (disclaimer: the podcasters are my friends and I am a junior coworker of one TEFLologist).

We Teach Languages – A wide variety of topics. Really good interviews with regular teachers.

General Higher Education

Research in Action – sometimes has pedagogy and productivity-relevant topics.

Teaching Higher Ed – lots of generally good pedagogical advice in the episodes I have listened to.

General Linguistics

You will feel very intelligent listening to these because they are very academic but also very accessible.

Lexicon Valley – a bonus here for the use of old Broadway show songs to illustrate linguistic phenomena.


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    1. Hiya Sandy. Thanks a lot. I often forget about these because they’re a bit less relevant to me in my setting, so thanks for sharing these. They’re probably more useful for teachers early in their career. Cheers!

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