Opening Phases

Ooh, no sooner do I open the library and email account for my MA in Applied Linguistics & TESOL course than Teaching Practice for the DipTESOL finally starts! I have already passed the written exam, and now just have to pass the TP, 3 written assignments (all started; one perhaps even finished) and phonology presentation.
Because of this, service might be a bit hit and miss. Or I might be living on the internet asking for help all the time. Who knows?
I should be in bed but I am not in bed yet.
Anybody else studying for the DipTESOL might want to look at this blog about it and this one which goes through it and has other cool stuff, too

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  1. Great blog, thanks for all the info. Just started the Dip TESOL and feeling just that teeny weeny bit overwhelmed. Can use all the help I can get.

    1. It can be very overwhelming. I felt that I was utterly ignorant several times. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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