Here be (Dungeons and) Dragons 3

The Wrath of the Math

“Your points are 2 for taking a taxi, plus 1 if you told the driver where exactly to let you out. Then roll the D4. Add courage points to the D4. Divide them by 5.”

I should have seen this coming. How often do you see any English for arithmetic in EFL materials? Never. How many of these ladies at Ladies’ College of Suburban Tokyo (LCST) have played RPGs before? None, so the D4 terminology from the first lesson went in one ear and out the other of some students.
Next time I will provide a little bit of Focus on Form on the arithmetic terms and hope that our dining role plays go well, because other than the maths, it was a good lesson.
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4 Replies to “Here be (Dungeons and) Dragons 3”

  1. I hadn’t even heard of RPGs until about 3 years ago, when I met my partner, but once you get past the maths vocab, I think it will be a really good experience for the students! How were the boundary pushers this week, or is this a different group?

    1. This is a different couple of groups (and much larger groups, too). The women seem to enjoy it more than I thought they might. The men at the other university seem to enjoy it but seem unsure about whether it is a total doss due to there being no exam. It’s not, but they are still feeling me out.

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