What's changed? Let's do stuff!

Three years of writing this bloody blog and what’s changed, really? I have, but that’s not what I’m talking about. How has the profession changed? It hasn’t. Not a bloody single thing as far as I can tell. Glacial. Maybe a few people have cottoned on to the learning styles myth. That’s it.
So, am I going to just continue glowering at the internet or do something about it? Well, there has to be a balance between working for nothing for a worthy project or cause and getting compensated fairly. So what can I (we?) do?
We can complain about how shit things are (like in Jeremy Slagowski’s great post about a listening syllabus here) and/or put forward an alternative.
We can moan about stuff that doesn’t work and/or see about fixing it. Now, my name is not Answer Man. It’s not even my alter ego. Sometimes, when you find something doesn’t do what you think it’s supposed to do, you ask an expert. Sometimes it’s somebody who works in a shop. Sometimes it’s a book. Sometimes it’s your friends. By talking about stuff, we surely get closer to an answer, at least one more step forward on the path to enlightenment.
Doing stuff, though. This is what I think I need to do. It doesn’t always come off right, but it’s going to be, usually, only as bad as inaction, especially if you think hard about potential risks before acting.

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    1. I’m being deliberately cryptic so as not to write a cheque my arse can’t cash. If I say SLB Materials Bank is a model as opposed to Busy Teacher or One Stop English. Add on teacher’s notes that develop teachers. Might be niche, might be nice. Might shoot myself in the foot but if you never try you never know.

      1. If you would like to come on board with us I’m sure we could find a way. Understand if u’d rather go it alone but we’ve done a lot of groundwork already so worth considering? You have my email 😉

        1. I have considered it and I don’t know if it would work – distance, currency flow, etc.
          Expect a ridiculously long email this weekend. Or today seeing as I have marking to do in the next six hours.

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