#ELTwhiteboard is not just for writing 

Well, today is something a bit different. I thought I’d show you a picture of my whiteboard near the start of class. 
The students were answering the question on the main part of the board. We came upon one of the trickiest sets of loanword-versus-usage problems. Also there were a couple of issues with “(a pair of) THINGs” that is really a pluralised single item. 

Luckily I had some really with me. I would have loved to pull the socket of the wall, too. 
I almost always have Print Tack (or くつきむし [kutsukimushi] in Japanese) with me. It’s what I use for reading/picture gallery tasks, too.
Do you use the whiteboard or blackboard for anything a bit different? 

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  1. Stickyballs stick to a whiteboard quite nicely, so there’s a lot of that in my classroom. Sometimes I draw a target. Or sometimes just a large Y and N (or T and F) and check reading comprehension that way.

      1. Oh, fun. I do something like that with a game I call ‘volume control’. The kids take turns throwing a stickyball at the board and then they all have to read a portion of their story at the volume they hit (between 1 and 4).

  2. Nice idea. Is this just “blue/white tac” or is it extra strong? I’d wonder how much I’d need to use? I guess there is one way to find out! Thanks for this idea.

    1. Yeah, just common gear. Rare over here. I used a biggish lump. Japanese plugs are pretty light, mind.

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