You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone (status update)

Well, the Summer was busy and the start of the Autumn was quite busy too. I was supposed to be revising a paper to get it published but what happened was that I revised it and still didn’t get it published because it is the account of unsystematic mess.

I went to the busiest conference I’ve been to so far (New Sounds 2019) and met lots of phonology and phonetics people. I presented and didn’t mess up, so it was relieving because I felt a bit like a fish out of water. Or Aquaman’s weakling brother.

There was the usual stress over student questionnaires, which is unreasonable because I know that much of the feedback is positive or neutral but my brain focuses and cycles through the negative stuff as my own cinema of the damned. I am just about over it now (thanks to slightly out of sync workplaces), and wish I could find a way to just move on from this.

Other than that, I had my first overnight trip with students which was quite fun, even if I wouldn’t choose those activities myself. Directly after that, I had the start of the semester, so I had to remember what I planned at the start of the summer (and what I planned to change).

Anyway, here is some stuff that is working for me:

LMS as document repository so I don’t spend hours a week photocopying.

Adapted Cornell notes, for myself, and also for my (intermediate and up) listening students, which will likely be written up soon as a blog post.

Bullet Journaling for myself (still) for daily agenda and log and ultrashort lesson plans which is exactly as you imagine.

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  1. Glad things are going well. Looking forward to the Cornell notes! I’ve never really explored these much. What exactly do you mean with the LMS as repository? Cheers, Marc!

    1. Hi Kamila, thanks for the comment. The LMS as repository just means I can upload slides and worksheets. The worksheets can be printed out by students before classes and can be put up ad hoc. It’s not Moodle, it’s a weird system unique to Japan and a bit ugly but it is usable I suppose.

  2. I’m experimenting with my own LMS while waiting for the school I work for to set up a Moodle. Do you use it for yourself as well as students?

  3. Hi Giulia, thanks for the comment. My LMS is basically for the students. If it were Moodle, I might use it for myself. Instead, the stuff I use for myself is Google Keep and my Bullet Journal.

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